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Texture Pack Java UI 1.4 (Official) 1.13
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Texture Pack Java UI 1.4 (Official) 1.13

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Perhaps you are familiar with FMarquesPTO’s previous works regarding the MCPE user interface (Texture Pack MinecraftUIClassic and Texture Pack Minecraft UI4UI). The creator worked on these projects for almost three years and finally, he declared that he is happy about the job he has done. Texture Pack Java UI 1.4 (Official) is the final result.

Features of Textures Java UI 1.4 (Official)

Texture Pack Java UI 1.4 (Official) brings a totally new appearance and functionality for the below-listed departments:
Main menu

Setting Screen (including the World edit and World create settings)
“Controls” section (deleted for good)

World Loading (so it looks like in the Java edition of the game)

Other features that you can see in the pictures below. For example, the Enchantments won’t be seen in the HUD anymore.

Also, you will be able to switch between C++edition and Java Edition (see picture below)

You can also choose either to see the recipe book or not to have the Recipe pages.

Note: Make sure to choose the Classic User interface profile and to quit the screen showing the achievements.

If you want to familiarize with FMarquesPTO’s final project regarding the player’s UI, download the textures by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
For other new and interesting texture packs, as well as mods, maps, and seeds, visit our website. Here you will also find detailed information and downloads for the latest Minecraft PE versions.
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