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To get a lot of attention from girls you just need to wear the Skin Adventure Slime Winter Pelt! Put on your fur coat, take your bow and go to slain angry creepers and skeletons! Don’t be bothered by Steeve’s green skin, he’s not getting freeze. Skin Adventure Slime Winter Pelt was created especially for winter biomes by the same player as you and me. His nickname is Dallasmed65. And looks like that this guy is fan of the game Assassin’s Creed 3, because skin is very similar to the main character’s, Connor, suit.

Skin Adventure Slime Winter Pelt for boys

If there’s lots of cold locations on the map of your favorite Minecraft Pocket Edition server than don’t miss an ability to download the skin of Adventure Slime Winter Pelt. It’s your chance to diversify your figure in Minecraft! You can download this skin from our website absolutely for free! All you need it to click the link below!
Become the most stylish and memorable person on the server! Great idea is to postpone it up to New Year holidays to play the role of unusual Santa Claus of your server. And one more important thing: don’t forget to leave your feedback and put the proper mark for this article!
How to install skin:

  • Download skin.
  • Extract skin from the archive.
  • Launch Minecraft PE.
  • Go to settings.
  • Go to the Skins section.
  • Click "Custom".
  • Now find the skin and click on it.
  • Skin installed, have a good game!

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