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Addon Bow Auto-Aim 1.13
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Addon Bow Auto-Aim 1.13

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If your favorite weapon is the bow, you need to try Addon Bow Auto-Aim. This add-on will allow you to target mobs on big distances, will show precisely how far they are and will allow you to charge your bow correctly to be sure your enemy gets shot from the first attempt.

How does addon Bow Auto-Aim work

The addon works on a color-coding basis. The mobs within a range of up to thirty five blocks will have a colored indicator on top of their heads, showing precisely how far they are. The red indicator means that the mob is from nineteen to thirty six blocks away from you, the yellow one means that it is from twelve to nineteen blocks away and the green one means the mob is near, that is from four to eleven blocks away. This will help you target it, as well as charge your bow precisely. The color of the bow changes depending on the distance of the mob too. This is called Auto-Aim Trigger and can be activated by sneaking while charging the bow.

You can also activate another useful feature: bow focus. For this, charge your bow for a longer time, but note that after each hit, your bow has to recharge for several moments.

If you want to be skilled in shooting with the bow, download this addon by clicking on the behavior and resource pack buttons below the article, share it with your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
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