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Addon TNT Yeeter 1.13
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Addon TNT Yeeter 1.13

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We have published several addons bringing hostile entities in MCPE, for example, Addon Mythology Monsters and Addon Keeper Creeper. Today it is time to meet a new character brought to us by Addon TNT Yeeter. It is very dangerous and can bring harm to you, your builds and your animals, but if you succeed to tame it, it will defend you against monsters.

Features of addon TNT Yeeter

The TNT Yeeter is a funny-looking creature. It will spawn naturally in plains and around villages with a health of forty.

The TNT Yeeter can also be summoned. Its identifier name is mememob:tnt_yeeter.
This creature throws TNT at everyone who is peaceful, including farm animals, villagers, iron golems, and players. This can be very annoying but if you succeed to defend it, it will drop TNT, skeleton skulls and grindstones.

Instead of fighting it, you can also try to tame the TNT Yeeter. Do it by using TNT (naturally!). If you are able to make it, this dangerous fellow will become your protector against monsters and it will stop ruining your villages and killing your animals.

Like all the other tamed characters in MCPE, the TNT Yeeter will follow its owner wherever he/she goes, but you can get rid of its company by leashing it.

Important! We do not recommend using this addon in survival mode because of the TNT Yeeter’s features.
To see the TNT Yeeter in action, watch the video trailer, after which you can download the addon by using the button below the article.
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Have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon TNT Yeeter

Current version:
Download Addon TNT Yeeter [220.9 Kb] (Downloads: 40)

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