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Addon Aquatic++ 1.13
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Addon Aquatic++ 1.13

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Addon Aquatic++, created by LegitDragonB0y, modifies the appearance of a lot of existing underwater creatures and adds many new ones. Some of them are quite nice, while the rest of them not only look dangerous but can kill the player or other water-living souls in no time.

Features of addon Aquatic++

The addon improves the textures of the following sharks:
  • The Great White Shark

  • The Hammer Head Shark

  • The Tiger Shark

  • The Blue Whale

You will also face several bosses:
  • The Sea Serpent

  • The Aqua Titan

  • The Orca

  • The Narwhal

  • The Ice Shark

In addition to the above-listed creatures, the addon adds many new ones:
  • The Magma Head

  • The Black Sea Bass
    Addon Aquatic++ 1.13

  • The Macroramphosus

  • The Sailfish

  • The Atlantic Saury

  • The Swordfish

  • The Yellow Tuna

All the new fish, except the Magma head, are neutral mobs and have similar behavior to that of the salmon fish.
Important! To use this addon, make sure to have the Experimental Mode enabled.
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Current version:
Download Addon Aquatic++ [829.35 Kb] (Downloads: 26)

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