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Addon Laser Guns 1.13

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Addon Laser Guns was developed to add some really powerful laser rifles to your Minecraft PE world. You will be able to use them either for fighting your cruelest enemies or to burn ores.

How to use addon Laser Guns

You will have the possibility to assemble all the below-listed guns in survival mode. To use a gun, all you have to do is hold it and sit down. To shoot again, stand up and sit down repeatedly.

Available laser guns:

The mining laser gun digs a hole of 3x3 at the place where you shoot using it. Thus, you will be able to dig a mine in no time.

The Ion laser gun is able to detonate the shot and the explosion it makes is spectacular. You can convince yourself of this by taking a look at the picture below.

The thermal laser gun. Its shot produces a big fire, which is not only effective in wars but also looks impressive.

To assemble the riffles, we have to go to the mine first and obtain redstone, coal and/or more materials.
When this is done, we have to get an iron plate (see picture below)

When we have it, we will add an iron cable and…

A circuit.

This way, we are getting the chip which represents the basis of all the available rifles (see pictures below).

But this is not all. Our guns have to be charged. For this, we will need a battery.

Now you are ready to charge any of your guns and use them as you like.

We are sure we succeeded to intrigue you with the presented laser weapons, so download the addon by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Laser Guns [47.61 Kb] (Downloads: 175)

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