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Addon Biome Randomizer 1.13
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Addon Biome Randomizer 1.13

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Can you imagine such a situation: you expect to take a walk in the jungle and suddenly this jungle changes into a totally unbelievable and unusual place, with all the traditional jungle blocks replaced with others, seemingly unreliable ones? It sounds crazy, but we guarantee you a very fun experience. You will get it by trying Addon Biome Randomizer.

How does addon Biome Randomizer work

The creator of this addon, that is iEmotionless, does have an out of the box fantasy. He decided to offer MCPE users the chance to experience a quite fantastic MCPE trip by replacing the top layers of the traditional biomes with most unexpected blocks like bedrock, diverse decoration blocks and even air blocks.

The only things that will remain intact will be the randomly generated structures and trees.
Important: The present addon will work only if you enable Experimental Gamemode.
If you the custom biomes begin to bore you, try Addon Biome Randomizer by using the download button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
For other interesting mods, as well as skins, maps, and texture packs, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest MCPE versions and the coolest release of this year, which is Minecraft Earth, an awesome AR project.
Current version:
Download Addon Biome Randomizer [34.57 Kb] (Downloads: 74)

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