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Addon WASPS!! 1.13
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Addon WASPS!! 1.13

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Wasps, regardless of their small size, can be very annoying and even dangerous. Luckily, we have Addon WASPS!! To help us discover their features and teach us how to fight them.

Features of addon WASPS!!

Most likely you will find these little beasts in plains biomes, but there are chances to meet them in savannas and forests too. Sometimes they drop yellow dye but do not put too much hope in this. In Minecraft PE, like in real life, they bring more damage than help.

Because they are tiny, they cannot explode or shoot you, but they are able to do something else: sting!
The only way to protect your player from the wasps is to tame a pet that would not be afraid of them. Giant ants or dire wolves could be a solution, but you can try with other mobs too.

If you are not afraid of getting stung, install Addon WASPS!! by using the button provided below this article, share it with your friends (they must be as brave as you are) and let us know what you think about it.
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