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Addon Improved Vanilla Mobs 1.13
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Addon Improved Vanilla Mobs 1.13

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If you love animals and interacting with them in your MCPE world is one of your favorite activities, Addon Improved Vanilla Mobs will make your day by making them even prettier and more realistic looking than before.

Features of addon Improved Vanilla Mobs

Several of the existing vanilla mobs were subject to improvement work in order to make them look more realistic, thus making them even cuter.
Improved mobs:
Chicken: now their beaks look more realistic than before.

Pigs: now their tails, as well as their ears look more natural.

Sheep: the ears and the snout of these domestic animals also look better.

Llamas: their eyes are smaller than before and their tails shorter.

Turtles have a thicker shell now.

Cows now have 3D udders and ears.

If you are curious to see the above-mentioned animals in their new format, download Addon Improved Vanilla Mobs by using the button below, share it with all your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Improved Vanilla Mobs [51.62 Kb] (Downloads: 77)

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