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Addon Brown Mooshroom 1.13
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Addon Brown Mooshroom 1.13

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Addon Brown Mooshroom brings the already famous hero of this summer to you Minecraft PE world. This kind of mushroom is inspired from the Java edition of the game and it has some interesting features: Let’s find out more about it:

Features of addon Brown Mooshroom

The brown mushroom is considered very rare. When a lightning bolt hits a red mushroom, it turns into a brown one. The lightning bolt has a vice versa effect on the brown mushroom too, turning it back into a red one, but this is a quite risky procedure since you might just destroy it by using the Trident.
If you decide to breed a red and a brown mushroom, you can get either a red mushroom or a brown one, but, taking into account the laws of the genetics, there is a bigger chance to get a red one.
There is also a very small chance to get a brown mushroom baby by breeding 2 red mushrooms, but this phenomenon can occur by a probability of 1 in 1024.
By looking at the pictures provided below, you can notice that the brown mushrooms have small mushrooms on their backs, but note that only the adult ones look like that. Baby brown mushrooms have nothing on their backs.

If you are ready to welcome theses rare mushrooms into your world, click on the download button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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