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Addon Advanced Swords 1.13
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Addon Advanced Swords 1.13

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The recipes brought by Addon Advanced Swords will give you the possibility to craft eight strong swords to use in your survival world.

How to use addon Advanced Swords

The addon brings crafting recipes for eight new swords, but before beginning to create them, you will need some materials, that is compressed stone and nether star blocks. You will need them to craft advanced stone swords and advanced nether star swords (see crafting recipes below).

And now let’s get to the most interesting part: the swords!
The Advanced Wooden Sword is the weakest in our today’s list, but still has a strong damage attack and durability (5.75 and 236).

The Advanced Stone Sword (this is where you will need the compressed stones) has an attack damage of 7 and a durability of 524.

The Advanced Iron Sword’s attack damage is of 14 and its durability is of 2250.

The Advanced Golden Sword has an attack damage of 10 and its durability is of 1561.

The Advanced Emerald Sword, besides looking very attractive, has an attack damage of 18 and a durability of 3122.

The Advanced Diamond Sword also looks very nice and is even stronger than the previous one. Its attack damage is of 24 and its durability of 6144.

The Nether Star Sword is almost the strongest available sword in this addon. It has an attack damage of 30 and its durability is of 9366.

And the most spectacular sword is the Advanced Nether Star Sword. Its features are incredible: the attack damage is of 60 and its durability of 16384.

In addition to the offered sword recipes, you can also obtain nuggets by cooking the Advanced Iron Sword and the Advanced Gold Sword in the furnace.

In case you have no time/desire to craft, you can obtain all the above-listed swords by using the /function advanced_swords command.
If the perspective of creating some powerful and almost invincible swords seems good to you, download Addon Advanced Swords by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Advanced Swords [465.69 Kb] (Downloads: 394)

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