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Addon Custom Death Entities Animation 1.13
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Addon Custom Death Entities Animation 1.13

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Addon Custom Death Entities Animation was developed to make the death of different Minecraft PE entities more interesting. Now, when your player destroys this or that mob, he/she will have the chance to view a real death show with blood, ghosts, and explosions!

How does addon Custom Death Entities Animation work

With Addon Custom Death Entities Animation, all the entities will have to die in a different way than usually in case the player decides to kill them. The creator didn’t develop personalized animations for all the characters yet, but he promises to do it in the near future. Meanwhile, we can enjoy killing animals and birds, some of the existing monsters, zombies, husks, and creepers and watch their death process.
When murdered, the animals and some monsters will splash blood all over the place, this making their death look more realistic. After dying, a ghost looking like the victim but being transparent and wearing a halo over its head will spawn from its body and fly high in the sky.

The Husks and the zombies don’t benefit from the opportunity of flying to heaven. Since they are hostile, after death they will be dragged directly to hell.

The creepers and the pillagers also have improved death animation.

If want to have a clearer idea of how this addon works, watch the presented video trailer, and if you like it, download it by clicking on the button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Addon Custom Death Entities Animation

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