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Addon More Ores 1.13
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Addon More Ores 1.13

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Addon More Ores adds a number of eight minerals to your world. These minerals are not only valuable but also very helpful since you can use them to craft blocks, ingots, nuggets and more. By installing it you will also obtain several new strong and powerful swords and apples.

Features of addon More Ores

Addon More Ores brings eight new minerals to your Minecraft world. These are:
  • Added lead mineral
  • Added copper mineral
  • Added tin mineral
  • Added steel mineral
  • Added bronze mineral
  • Added silver mineral
  • Added nickel mineral
  • Added aluminum mineral

Almost all of the listed minerals drop either an ore or a nugget, block or ingot.
The addon adds eight swords and eight apples, each of them corresponding a mineral. The swords are of different durability and all of them have a strong damage attack, especially the nickel and steel ones. The apples will also make your Minecraft life easier and more interesting thanks to their potion effects.
Below you can see some pictures showing how you can craft ingots from minerals and minerals from ingots.

One more picture showing how to cook a lead ore
Addon More Ores 1.13

More crafting recipes!

Method of crafting swords (the same as the vanilla swords).

Flint and steel obtained from steel.

Important! Please be patient while digging in search of the presented ores, because these ones, being more valuable and rare, are more difficult to find.
If you want to download Addon Mor Ores, click the button below but keep in mind that it only works on MCPE 1.13 and later versions. You can find any version for free in our Download Minecraft section.
If you enjoyed the new minerals and all the possibilities they have to offer, share it with all your friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Mor Ores [188.92 Kb] (Downloads: 193)

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