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Addon Bluestone Ore 1.13
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Addon Bluestone Ore 1.13

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Even the most precious ores can become boring in time, so today we offer you the chance to acquire a brand new one by installing Addon Bluestone Ore created by Team Infinite Minds.

How to use addon Bluestone Ore

The bluestone ore represents an exquisite rock found very rarely deep under the earth layers. It serves for crafting bluestone blocks to decorate your world and make it more attractive and tools to use in survival mode and to fight hostile mobs.
If you are lucky enough to gather more bluestone ores than your chest’s ability to store, you can shape some bluestone blocks out of them (see picture below). The blocks can be used for crafting bluestones for the tools later.

When collected, the ores drop bluestone for crafting tools. For this, you should collect the bluestone ores using a simple pickaxe.

Like we mentioned above, the bluestone serves for crafting tools, and these tools are bluestone swords, scimitars, and battleaxes. All of them have strong attack damage and high durability (see their crafting recipes below).

Tip: if you want to obtain all the tools at once, use the next command: /function bluestone_tools.
  • Install Minecraft Bedrock 1.13 or a newer version for this addon to work.
  • Turn on the Experimental gameplay mode

If you are ready to start digging for the bluestone ore, download this addon by clicking on the button below the article, tell your friends and let us know what you think about it.
By visiting our website, you can discover more new mods, as well as textures, maps, and skins. Here you will also have the chance to read detailed information and download the latest MCPE versions.
Current version:
Download Addon Bluestone Ore [510.66 Kb] (Downloads: 115)

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