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Addon Bubble Bobble 1.11
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Addon Bubble Bobble 1.11

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Addon Bubble Bobble allows us to travel back in 1986 and enjoy the cute little characters featured in the game with the same name played on PS1.

Features of addon Bubble Bobble

There are not many chances that you remember the Bubble Bobble game, so let us tell you about its main characters. These are little colored dinosaurs that are able to shoot bubbles at hostile mobs. In Minecraft PE, you can tame them by giving them melons, apples, and candy. These sweet creatures spawn on forest biomes but are not very easy to find.
Besides the described above dinosaurs, you will also see some of their enemies from the 1986 game. In addition, you will be able to hear the game’s original theme when opening the Minecraft PE main menu.

Note: This addon works only on Minecraft Bedrock 1.11 and later versions.
If you are curious to meet some new cute friends, download Addon Bubble Bobble by clicking on the button below, tell your friends and leave feedback.
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Download Addon Bubble Bobble [3.74 Mb] (Downloads: 11)

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