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Addon Ford F150 and RAM 1500 1.10
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Addon Ford F150 and RAM 1500 1.10

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Did you ever imagine how cool it would be to sit behind the wheel of a quick and super modern pickup? Addon Ford F150 and RAM 1500 adds these two cool transportation means.

Features of addon Ford F150 and RAM 1500

Let us find out some detailes about each of the available pickups:
Ford F150 is a 4x4 truck that comes in the following colors: black, white, blue, red, yellow, green and gray. Because the pickup is large enough, you can use it not only to have fun, show off and explore your Minecraft worlds, but also to store different items in its trunk. Ford F150 reaches a speed of 120 miles per hour.

RAM 1500, just like the previously described car, is a 4x4 truck and has the same speed. It is as large as the Ford, so you can store items in its trunk too, but has less available colors: black, white, orange, and red.

We know that you can’t wait to start driving one of the above-mentioned pickups (or both, why not?), so choose which of them do you want to try first and press the download button below the article (there are different buttons for each car). Do not forget to invite your Minecraft friends for a ride and leave feedback.
For other new and interesting mods, as well as maps, textures, and skins, welcome to our website. Here you will also find information and downloads for the latest MCPE versions.
Current version:
Download Addon Ford F150 [832.1 Kb] (Downloads: 79)

Download Addon RAM 1500 [1.67 Mb] (Downloads: 78)

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