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Addon More Nuggets! 1.12
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Addon More Nuggets! 1.12

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Today is your lucky day since you are offered the possibility to have all the possible nuggets at once. Addon More Nuggets! adds nine valuable nuggets to your world.

Features of addon More Nuggets!

Each of the listed below nuggets can be crafted. For this, place the required ore in the middle of the crafting grid and it will turn into a corresponding nugget.
Available nuggets:
  1. Chicken nuggets
  2. Lapis nuggets
  3. Ender nuggets
  4. Emerald nuggets
  5. Diamond nuggets
  6. Stone nuggets
  7. Obsidian nuggets
  8. Coal nuggets
  9. Redstone nuggets.

Important! The present addon works only for Minecraft PE 1.12 and later versions, so make sure to download a suitable version of the game. You can choose any in our Download Minecraft section for free.
We are sure that you are glad about the possibility to obtain more nuggets in an easy way, so do not hesitate, download the addon by clicking on the buttons below this article, share it with your Minecraft friends and leave feedback.
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