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Addon Lucky Blocks 1.12
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Addon Lucky Blocks 1.12

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Addon Lucky Blocks is a kind of lottery but always giving a pleasant result. It was developed by Alphalaneous with the idea of giving players the chance to obtain useful items easily and also to make them experience surprise every time they kill a block.

How does addon Lucky Blocks work

By installing Addon Lucky Blocks, you will find a multitude of boxes all around your world. Each of these blocks drops surprise items when killed. Because this is an absolutely positive addon, it drops only useful and nice items like redstone, gems, and wood galore, dirt, dungeon, end and stronghold loot, tools, armor and a lot more.
In order to craft a block, place gold around a dropper on the crafting table (see picture below).

Note: This addon works only on Minecraft PE 1.12 and later versions. You can find free downloads for all the MCPE versions here.
If you are ready to try your luck with Addon Lucky Blocks, click on the download button below, share with your Minecraft friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Lucky Blocks [43.87 Kb] (Downloads: 302)

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