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Addon Blindfold 1.11
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Addon Blindfold 1.11

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Addon Blindfold will become a great way to compete with friends. You’ll be able to put on this thing with yourself and make friends wear it too. Your farther actions depend on your fantasy. You can pass a maze or parkour, have a PvP fight or try to beat as many waves of hostiles as possible. The range of using is really wide and it’s only limited by your own mind!

Features of addon Blindfold

As you understand, this addon adds a fold which will be able to make your character get the “blindness” effect. It’s possible because the fold gives you the effect of a night vision and blindness at the same time, so you can see only 1-2 blocks in front of you.
Download addon Blindfold for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11 for Android

The blindfold replaces the simple leather helmet and can be coloured using the simple dye. Troll your friends with this new clothing element and try to beat them using it with yourself! Create your own challenges, build maps for this interesting thing and just have fun.
Download addon Blindfold for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11 for Android, leave your feedback and remember that more great Maps , Skins, Seeds and Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.11 await you in the other sections of website.
Current version:
Download addon Blindfold Resources [112.47 Kb] (Downloads: 10)

Download addon Blindfold Behaviours [1.94 Kb] (Downloads: 7)

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