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Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs 1.10
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Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs 1.10

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Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs was developed by Cryst_Vex, a creator that adores challenges and likes tough playing. The addon brings a lot of changes to make your Minecraft experience much more difficult.

Features of addon Ultra HardCore Mobs

The present addon is developed in such a way as to make your gaming experience as difficult as possible. Let’s see what you will have to face:
  • Boosted dungeon chests
  • Spawn chests that offer cooked pork chops and beef, logs, torches and enchanted iron tools.
  • Replaced End city chests that offer more ores than usual, but no beetroot seeds
  • Replaced Mineshaft chests that offer enchanted books, diamond gear, and ores
  • Replaced Nether Fortress chests that offer diamond gear and more ores than usual
  • The evokers will track you from a distance of thirty blocks and they don’t need any eye contact with you to do this.
  • Animals dropping cooked meat, not raw meat as usual.
  • Spiders that cause 26 damage and move very fast.
  • A cave spider with increased health that attacks you with a poison lasting for 45 seconds
  • Blazes shooting two round burst of Ghast fireballs.
  • Monsters dropping more loot than ever
  • Arrows provoking a 14 damage and being much faster
  • The creeper has a smaller explosion radius now but is much faster than before.
  • Ghasts and their fireballs being faster than ever
  • The Endermen now have a tendency to teleport more often. They now shoot dragon breath, which kills immediately.
  • The Elder Guardian’s health was increased to 100 percent.
  • Iron Golem is able to target the players now and brings a lot of harm.
  • Horses spawn faster and their health is of up to 30.
  • Large, medium and small magma cubes causing 8, 6 and respectively 4 damage
  • Phantoms causing more damage and drop a lot more membrane
  • Pillagers with increased health and damage which are able to track you from 25 blocks in case they make eye contact with you
  • Pillager Captains drop crossbows half of their time.
  • Ender pearl having more power
  • Strays with melee attacks which are able to drop up to fifteen arrows
  • Silverfish causing more damage and having more health
  • Large, medium and small slimes. Be aware of the medium ones!
  • Skeletons do not burn during the day. They can attack from a distance of up to sixty (!) blocks and like the strays, drop up to fifteen arrows.
  • Wither skeletons with increased health which are able to track players from fifteen blocks without making eye contact.
  • Vindicators bring damage of 18.
  • Vindicator Captains now drop diamond axes
  • Bigger village chests
  • Bigger woodland mansion chests
  • Vex with a more powerful attack and better health
  • Wolves that are faster, have a lot more health and an attack of 100. The wolves in Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs have an extra life and they drop up to three diamonds if killed.

Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs 1.10

As you can see, Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs promises an extremely hard game, but you must definitely try it if you want to prove yourself and the others that you are strong and fearless. Download it by clicking on the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Addon Ultra HardCore Mobs [225.45 Kb] (Downloads: 105)

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