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Addon SweetFoods! 1.12+

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Addon SweetFoods! Aims to teach Minecraft players crafting sweets! The addon provides both recipes for cooking basic ingredients (biscuits, ice cream cones) and sophisticated chocolate bars and ice creams!

How does addon SweetFoods! work

Before becoming an expert in cooking delicious ice creams and other delicious sweets, we will have to learn to craft basic ingredients:
Basic ingredients:
Flour: Flour is the simplest ingredient to craft. For this, all we need is two pieces of wheat (see picture below).

Milk bottles: Because we cannot use whole buckets of milk when cooking, we will have to learn how to distribute it into a number of bottles. Actually, a bucket of milk contains eight milk bottles, so you will have to surround the bucket with milk with eight empty bottles on the crafting table to portion it correctly.

Cake slices: This is a recent addon. Because we got manners, we prefer slicing the cake and eating small portions instead of placing the whole cake on the floor and eat it at once.

Secondary ingredients:
For crafting more complex sweets, we will need both some basic ingredients and secondary ingredients that we will learn how to cook below:
Biscuits: The recipe for crafting biscuits requires two pieces of flour and one of sugar.

Ice cream cones: For creating yummy ice creams we will certainly need ice cream cones. For crafting them, we will need five biscuits placed in a V form on the crafting table.

Chocolates: For creating three chocolate bars, only basic ingredients are required but be aware, don’t mistake the amounts. You will need three bottles of milk, one flour, two cocoa beans, and three sugars.

Now we are ready enough to start crafting the most delicious sweets: ice creams. The recipes comprise both basic and secondary ingredients. See pictures below for three different kinds of divine ice creams!

Important: First of all, note that you will have to enable Experimental gameplay for using this addon and second: Addon SweetFoods! works only on MCPE 1.12 and newer versions. You can download them here.
Now, if you are ready to craft and devour the delicacies listed above, download Addon SweetFoods! by clicking on the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.
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    É um mod bem legal é o melhor

    É um mod bem legal é o melhor

    É um mod bem legal é o melhor do mundo
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    É um mod bem legal é o melhor
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