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Addon More Food 1.12.0
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Addon More Food 1.12.0

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Everybody needs food to satisfy the hunger and to restore power, but sometimes we get bored of consuming the same products all the time (bread, meat, crops). Addon More Food gives us the possibility to craft new delicious food as well as jars with lids for keeping some of it.

How does addon More Food work

Cooking food is not difficult in MCPE, especially when you have the recipes before your eyes. We invite you to study the following recipes and choose what you prefer to eat today:
Slice of bread. You can use it to prepare sandwiches or toast.
Addon More Food 1.12.0

Cheese. You can craft it into slices of cheese for sandwiches later.

Slice of cheese. A perfect addition to ham sandwiches.

Lid. And indispensable detail in crafting jars.

Jar. Will serve you good in crafting.

Apple jelly. Can be spread on toast.

Berry Preserves. Are used like the apple jelly.

Jar of Mayonnaise. Fits ham sandwiches perfectly.

Ham sandwich has the power to restore a lot of energy and is very tasty.

Toast. Can serve as a basis for a yummy snack.

Toast with apple jelly. In addition to being tasty, gives effect.

Toast with berry preserves. Has the same effect as the toast with apple jelly.
Important! Note that this addon can be applied only for Minecraft PE 1.12.0 and above. Be sure to enable Experimental Gameplay.
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Current version:
Download Addon More Food [19.75 Kb] (Downloads: 109)

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