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Addon Emerald Items 1.12
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Addon Emerald Items 1.12

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Thanks to Nether Ninja, the creator of Addon Emerald Items, Bedrock users can benefit from emerald items and tools too, just like the Java players.

How does addon Emerald Items work

The first condition is to have installed Minecraft PE 1.12 or above. The second one is to enable experimental gameplay. Further, everything is quite simple. You can see a list of available emerald items and tools below and their features, as well as pictures that show how to craft them in Survival.
The emerald sward provokes +8 attack damage
Addon Emerald Items 1.12

The emerald axe provokes +7 attack damage and +3 mine speed

The emerald pickaxe provokes +6 attack damage

The emerald shovel provokes +5 attack damage and 1 mine speed

The emerald apple’s resistance is of five minutes, its absorption of five minutes and regeneration III of 30 seconds.

The enchanted emerald apple’s resistance is of 4.40 minutes, absorption V of 10 minutes, regeneration V of one minute, fire resistance as well as of 4.40 minutes and hero of the village II effect of 30 seconds.

The speed enchanted book offers +0.3 running speed, but can be used only if combined with the emerald sword.

The health boost enchanted books offers =10HP (or 5 hearts), but can be used only if combined with the emerald sword.

If you want to apply enchantments to the emerald sword, you can do this by using the crafting table.

You can review every single item and tool by applying the “/give” command or use the creator’s function command (/function emerald_item/tool).

Even if the addon still has a few shortcomings, like the emerald pickaxes not mining quite correctly or the items not being durable, it will offer your Minecraft game a new twist.
To download it, click on the button below, share with friends and leave feedback.
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