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Addon More Steve Mobs 1.10
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Addon More Steve Mobs 1.10

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Addon More Steve Mobs was created to both bring more fun to your MCPE game and to drop valuable blocks, unlike his predecessor, Addon Steve Cow (which was very popular too).

How does addon More Steve Mobs work

Now that Steve already has experience of changing his appearance looking like a cow, he decided to try on more roles: a Creeper and a Pig. If Steve Cow was able just to amuse us, these ones are useful in addition, dropping valuable blocks like Nether Reactor Cores and Glowing Obsidian. Now you see how unique these guys are? Because the blocks dropped by Steve cannot be obtained in survival or creative mode.
In order to obtain these blocks from Steve Pig, you can farm more of them. Steve Creeper drops the same blocks but be aware, because Steve is not a usual Creeper. This one uses to explode without warning.

We are sure you can’t wait to see how the new Steve Mobs look like and to get some of the blocks unobtainable otherwise, download Addon More Steve Mobs by clicking on the button below, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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