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Addon Teams (Team With Mobs and Players)  1.10
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Addon Teams (Team With Mobs and Players) 1.10

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With Addon Teams (Team With Mobs and Players) you have the advantage of making allies out of other players or some mobs. You are going to be a team. This feature disables PvP game mode in the Realms. You can turn on the add-on in some areas. It is especially useful in mini-games, where you can create a whole army of mobs and other players that will attack another army of the same kind.

How to use addon Teams (Team With Mobs and Players)

You are going to have two teams (team 1 and team2) where you are going to place mobs and other players. This can be done by using /tag command, for example: /tag @p add team1. If you want a member of one team to attack a member of the second team, you should use commands. For example: /tag @e[type=zombie] add team1 . /tag @e[type=cow] add team2. This way the zombie is going to attack the cow.
The main rule of this add-on is that teammates are not allowed to attack each other, only the mobs and players from the other team.
Lower you can see the list of mobs that can be included in a team:
  1. Husk
  2. Zombie
  3. Skeleton
  4. Wither skeleton
  5. Creeper
  6. Drowned
  7. Slime (in case you kill a big slime, it will summon a smaller one, but they will not be able to create e team together)
  8. Blaze
  9. Phantom
  10. Shulker
  11. Witch
  12. Other players

Important: Even if you can include only the listed above mobs, they will be able to attack other kinds of mobs, even if those are not on the list. For example: /tag @e[type=zombie] add team1) (/tag @e[type=spider] add team2. This way your zombie will attack the spider, which is not on the list.
If you like the idea of creating and managing such powerful teams, feel free to install it by clicking on the button below, invite your friends to play and leave feedback.
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