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Addon Usefel Nether Quartz 1.9
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Addon Usefel Nether Quartz 1.9

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Addon Usefel Nether Quartz allows you to use quartz for different tasks, so it won’t pile up in your chests and inventory. Wide choice of possible actions with this block will make it really useful and valuable. Don’t miss this chance and make Minecraft even more comfortable.

Features of addon Usefel Nether Quartz

First of all, now you’re able to use your quartz to buy some goods from villagers. It’ll be really useful for players, who spend most of time wandering in Nether world and living near villages in simple world. Villagers will offer you different items for different number of nether quartz blocks or nether quartz ore. Be careful and check all the offers to choose the best one and get as much profit as possible. Villagers can sell huge number of items from wood to diamonds, golden apples and emeralds.
Download addon Usefel Nether Quartz for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.9 for Android

Second action, you can use quartz for is to tame Zombie Pigmen. These guys won’t attack you anymore and will even help you to deal with your enemies. It’s pretty simple to tame these creatures with quartz, just find one and click it using action button, holding some quartz in your hands. You’ll need only few pieces, but the result will impress you. Pigmen are really strong companions, especially if they’re armed with swords.
One more useful way to use quartz is to put it into your pot, making any potion. Quartz will strongly update it and will allow you to use it much longer and profitable.
Don’t pass by and Download addon Usefel Nether Quartz for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.9 for Android and share it with friends. Great Maps , Skins, Seeds and Texture Packs for new Minecraft Beta 1.9 by these link can be also downloaded to make your Minecraft even more interesting and diverse. Enjoy all the new features and leave your feedback.
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