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Minecraft PE 1.9
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Minecraft PE 1.9

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Minecraft PE 1.9 is new great release of Minecraft for Android which will definitely bring you lots of joy and bright emotions.

Changes in Minecraft 1.9.0 for Android

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

  • New feature, called Experimental gameplay. This mode will allow you to check new features, such as Pillagers and Bamboo, spawned in wild nature.
  • Few new types of flowers and dyes made of them. The new flowers are Lily and Corn Flower.
  • Signs made of diverse types of wood, such as Spruce, Dark Oak and Birch.
  • Stairs, Slabs and Wall variant of different types of building blocks, such as
    • Stone
    • Different blocks of Granite and Diorite.
    • Andesite and Sandstone types.
    • Huge number of Stone and Nether Brick.
    • Prismarine, Red Nether brick and Red Sandstone in different variants.

  • You’ll receive a message to the game chat when your tamed pet will die.
  • Few new loading screens are available now.
  • You’ll be able to activate tripwires by touching it without breaking.
  • Items in hand will now have correct texture after changing texture packs.
  • Player won’t freeze underwater anymore.
  • Player can Hit mobs with crossbow.
  • Compass and Clock will show the correct information after loading the world.

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

Download Minecraft bedrock edition for Android - full version

Check these and the other fixes and novelties with yourself or with friends! Download Minecraft 1.9 bedrock edition for Android - full version by the link below and look for great Maps, Mods and Seeds for new version very soon! Don’t forget to leave feedback and subscribe to know about all the novelties for Minecraft Bedrock Edition among the first!
Current version:
Download Minecraft [85.6 Mb] (Downloads: 276188)
Old version:
Download Minecraft [85.05 Mb] (Downloads: 52887)

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    18 March 2019 23:38
    I love to play minecraft
    19 March 2019 01:29
    Maria Baiocco
    Ha ha
    22 March 2019 19:52
    Super bardzo fajna wersja polecam
    24 March 2019 06:45
    24 March 2019 07:30
    I like to play minecraft so much
    24 March 2019 22:17
    Yo siempre he soñado querido pero solo lo miraba y ahora lo estoy apunto de tener ojalá si funaciones y si funciona o sea tal vez se los recomiendo por que el juego es INCREIBLE

    Hxhdjdbdksusbsooxhdnekxhbxksoshxbeksoyxgdjelsugxnsoixhd XD HOLA GRUPO
    25 March 2019 04:34
    29 March 2019 06:31
    Can 1.9.0 play with 1.9.15
    Scor Pio
    31 March 2019 15:42
    How I install this mcbe?
    2 April 2019 02:38
    It totaly works and free to download and items are so cool
    5 April 2019 02:44
    That's amazing minecraft
    5 April 2019 10:52
    It sooo cool I love it
    Gabriel Renato Farias Quadros
    9 April 2019 23:37
    Esse jogo é muito legal o nome da minha conta no meu jogo é SwiftKibbles421. Sinto muita saudade dos meus amigos nesse jogo eu tinha a versão 1.6.0 mas ninguém joga mais essa versão então atualizei agora jogo com a versão 1.9.0 No meu celular quandro abro esse jogo quando esta carregando por 4% por cento do jogo depois ele buga mas tem um site que é apenas em inglês é bugs.mojang.com criei um problema em português mas ele disse que é só apenas em inglês mas esse problema foi resolvido e criei outro problema mas não foi resolvido. E no meu tablet quando abro o jogo do Minecraft ele agora é um aplicativo de reiniciar, alguem sabe como reporta esse erro pra mim por favor????
    15 April 2019 20:49
    È una bellissima applicazione. Menomale che ĺ ho trovata qui perchè costa troppo su play store
    17 April 2019 16:35
    Downloading pending akin
    18 April 2019 18:49
    I love this game minecraft I have to many friend since 2016 playing minecraft
    Mehros Tambay
    22 April 2019 02:06
    I love to play this game

    I loves to play minecraft It is a great game
    Gacha ryan
    22 April 2019 09:06
    Test I love it
    1 May 2019 17:29
    It doesn't download
    16 May 2019 08:30
    I want to play monster school in mine craft poket edition
    Zaid qureshi
    Yesterday, 17:31
    i love this app

    I love this app
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