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Minecraft PE

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Seemingly this day cannot bring anything spectacular. No holidays, no sunshine and autumn avitaminosis. We have no right to let our subscribers experience such a mood, so we bring you good news to cheer you up. Minecraft PE is a new game beta that is meant to make your gameplay more comfortable and to remove some disturbing issues.
Before describing what fixes this version brought, let us remind you that this is a beta version, and like all betas, it has some specific features. First, while trying it, you won’t be able to access Realms as well as other players who use full game versions. Second, the worlds created within Minecraft PE will not open in previous versions, so you would better back up them. And third, the builds created before cannot be opened using the present beta, so the advice to save them is appropriate again.

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Now you do not need to restart your Minecraft game in order to see your newly equipped skin of your character updated
  • Now even the users with a vertical split-screen can choose featured items in the Character Creator
  • Improved the Character Creator’s “see pack in store” button.
  • Improved Redstone piston in one of the Marketplace packs
  • The behavior of horses when walking over Honey blocks is the same as the behavior of the horses in the java game edition
  • The honey blocks having a jump boost 2 will make the players jump one block in height.
  • When placing a Kelp next to a block of glass, the water will render properly now.

As you can see, there are not very many fixes in this version, but the ones worked on by the MCPE developers will definitely make your gameplay more comfortable, so do not hesitate to download this beta right away. Enjoy it yourself and share it with your friends!
If you want to download other beta and full versions, check our Download Minecraft section and if you continue to explore our website, you will also find an article with a download button for the new AR Minecraft Earth game, as well as for dozens of cool free mods, maps, and skins! Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

Current version:
Download Minecraft PE [90.06 Mb] (Downloads: 542)

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    30 October 2019 16:02
    When is 1.13 full version not beta coming out as it has been released

    Please release 1.13 full version please Thank you
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