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Minecraft PE

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The MCPE developers have a surprise for all its fans again! They worked hard and released Minecraft Bedrock just several days after the unpredicted Minecraft This beta shows their sense of responsibility and the fact that they are not afraid to work a lot for the comfort of their clients.
Before finding out what fixes the new version brings us, let us remind you about some rules regarding all beta versions. First, keep in mind that the access to this beta will replace your last Minecraft work in progress. Second, while testing this version, you will not be able to interact with Realms and other players using full versions of the game. And third, any progress made in the present beta cannot be accessed in previous versions, so we recommend you to back up your worlds.
Now that you are secured by our advice, let’s get to the fixes offered by MCPE

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the developers worked to solve crashes and issues regarding the gameplay, commands, the game performance, etc.
  • Improvement work in regards to the performance of the FPS (the Enderman’s particles while he fights with bosses, the FPS of the underwater bubbles when swimming).

  • The floating blocks will not change grass into dirt during the nighttime anymore.
  • The V2 Zombie Villagers have a proper name in the messages about their death.
  • The command selectors are resolving in 0.2 ms now.
  • The villager_v2 command works normally in the selectors now. It can target villagers of both types (custom and v2).
  • Some players noticed that by switching or being disconnected from the network, their skins change to the default one. This will not happen anymore.
  • You will have no problems applying any skin from the “recently used skins” department now.
  • Improvement work in regards to the Minecoin offers.

If you want to try Minecraft Bedrock, don’t hesitate to download it by clicking on the button below this article, tell your friends and leave feedback.
In case you want/need to download any other MCPE versions, visit our website. Here you will also find dozens of new and cool maps, mods, texture packs, and other interesting Minecraft PE stuff. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

Current version:
Download Minecraft PE [84.77 Mb] (Downloads: 4070)

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