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Are you ready to try Minecraft Then do not hesitate, back up your worlds and save your maps and let’s get going. We are sure you will be delighted to find out and try the present update because the creators made a great job by introducing many new features, changes and bug fixes.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Let us start with the new features.
  • Now the chosen skin from any skins pack will be transferred in case you use different devices. The only condition is to enter using the same account.

Next, we will talk about the changes in the new beta version. There aren’t many of them, but they will definitely make your gameplay more pleasant.
  • In case you right-click any trade, it will trade automatically
  • Added nice animated popups for the cases when you get a Bad Omen or the Hero of the Village title
  • The smithing, cartography, as well as the fletching table recipes have been subjected to renovation.
  • Now, when a raid is about to be over in 2 game days, you will get a notification about this.
  • During raids, Vindicators will now be able to break doors.

Now, when you know about the changes and features of Minecraft, it’s time to move to the fixes.
General fixes:
  • Many issues regarding the text being changed to voicing have been fixed.
  • Many features intended for the accessibility of the player have been fixed.
  • In case a world is packed in the form of a world template, the Multiplayer settings are going to be disabled.

  • Fixed a crash occurring while trying to enter a Nether portal simultaneously with a phantom.
  • Fixed a crash occurring sometimes when the evocation fang with no owner is trying to deal damage.
  • When you create a world and decide to download the lacking resource packs, your world will continue to be active (earlier it was turning unresponsive).
  • The trading screen of the villager has been improved

  • Players falling at approximately x: 65536 z: 65535 through the world was fixed
  • If the player saves the game and quits during a raid, the loading of the raid will not stop loading
  • The bell ring will not cut off the trading process between the player and the villagers anymore.

  • The missing parts while mining blocks are now all visible.
  • Cobblestone slabs will no longer be transferred into blocks and slabs simultaneously.
  • The lingering potions will no longer be able to make the bells ring repeatedly.
  • The composters will not drop infinite bone meal while being pushed using pistons anymore.

  • The range of the drowned that attack the player has been reduced.
  • Fixed a bug related to the heads of the villagers clipping through walls during their sleep.
  • Several prices for the village trades have been regulated.
  • The patrols will not stack up in the same spawning space anymore
  • If players are located in villages, Patrols will try not to spawn near them.
  • The villagers will not lose their jobs association with the blast furnaces and smoking during the process of smelting.
  • During raids, the Ravangers will now be able to move faster when entering villages.
  • The Ravangers will not be able to deal damage to mobs and villagers through the walls.
  • Pillagers are now able to spawn not only within outpost structures but also outside them.

  • The issue regarding some items placed into frames that lacked some parts has been fixed.
  • The broken tools can now be re-smelted in order to recover iron ingots or gold, depending on the damaged tool.
  • Cacti can now be re-smelted and it will turn into a green dye.

  • An issue regarding unstable spawning eggs for zombies and villagers was fixed. It used to occur in the template worlds, where custom entities used to be required.
  • The “how to play” section in regards to scaffolding was updated.
  • The pivot point of the Endermen created by add-ons was fixed.

As you can see, Minecraft will be able to bring you a better playing experience since the creators made a great job in order to please the MCPE fans. Now it’s time to download the version! You can do this by clicking the button below.
By visiting our website, you will also find a lot of other new and interesting information and downloads for Minecraft Pocket Edition, including the latest versions, as well as maps, mods, texture packs and a lot more.

Video Trailer of Minecraft

Current version:
Download beta version of Minecraft [86.38 Mb] (Downloads: 27197)

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