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Minecraft 1.4
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Minecraft 1.4

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Minecraft 1.4 is release version of mentioned Minecraft 1.3. As you remember, 1.3 version wasn’t released because of different reasons. All the planned features and fixes were replaced into 1.4 version, which we can test now! Great Aquatic Update and many other features await you.

Whats new in Minecraft PE 1.4.0

Except huge number of diverse ocean objects, sea inhabitants, such as different types of fish and dolphins, and new enchantments for trident, the Aquatic Update had brought us two more other things which deserve our attention.
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update)

The first thing we should tell you about is Experimental Gameplay. This mode was added to the game to diversify your gray routine. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work stable yet, but you have a chance to test it with yourself. Take care about your worlds and save them before turning on an experimental gameplay mode, because it may crash the old-versioned ones. This mode may be turned on in appropriate tab in your settings menu, so it won’t be too hard to find it.
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update)

The second great part of this update is large bug fix. The 1.4 version’s bug fix was one of the biggest ones and it had brought us much more stable Minecraft than it was before. You won’t have any problems with long lasting downloading of Skin choose menu etc. Performance of the game process was also updated, so the game will work more stable and smooth.
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update) and don’t forget to check the first part of this huge update in Minecraft 1.3 version article! Check the other sections to find new Mods , Skins, Seeds and Maps for new Minecraft Beta 1.9 and enjoy. Leave your feedback and have fun!
Current version:
Download Minecraft PE 1.4.0 [67.78 Mb] (Downloads: 30771)

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