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Minecraft 1.3
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Minecraft 1.3

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Minecraft 1.3 doesn’t exist. Yes, you didn’t mishear, you won’t be able to find this version anywhere. Mojang developers were going to release Minecraft 1.3, but the version was renamed into 1.4 and 1.3 had disappeared forever. We don’t know about the actual reasons for this decision, maybe Notch is afraid of 13 number and thought that there’ll be some problems with the version, but now we have only Minecraft 1.4 and few mentions about Minecraft 1.3 in different sources.

Whats new in Minecraft PE 1.3

Here’re features which should be added to Minecraft 1.3 but were replaced into 1.4 version. We can’t leave them with no attention, so let’s look through!
Download Minecraft PE 1.3.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update)

  • The appearance of water was totally rebuilt, so players under water received an ability to look much farther.
  • Lots of different types of fish and sea life appeared. Cod, salmon and puffer fish can be caught using fishing rod. Dolphins swim around in all the big water spaces.
    Download Minecraft PE 1.3.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update)

  • Huge number of different structures are available now. Ship Wrecks, Underwater dungeons, giant Icebergs and Coral Reefs!
  • You can find treasure maps and look for treasures marked on them!
  • Trident had become even more dangerous weapon with few new enchantments. They’re Channeling, Loyalty, Rip Currents and Spike.
  • The water block can now be placed in any point, even on the half block of small ¼ block in the corner or stairs. You can place water inside non solid block and it won’t lose its abilities.
    Download Minecraft PE 1.3.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update)

  • Corals, Blue Ice and Algae blocks await you! Decorate your buildings with different interesting blocks.
  • Some new achievements are available in appropriate tab.
  • Sorting and Filtering functions were added to the Marketplace.

We hope that it was interesting for you to get some info about this mysterious version. You can Download Minecraft PE 1.3.0 apk for Android (Aquatic Update) below. Remember that all the features of this version were replaced into 1.4, which was released. Mods , Skins, Seeds and Maps for new Minecraft Beta 1.9 in these sections await you, so don’t waste time and take a look!
Current version:
Download Minecraft PE 1.3.0 [67.78 Mb] (Downloads: 10216)

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