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Minecraft PE 1.7
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Minecraft PE 1.7

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Despite of significant quantity of fixed bugs in previous version of game, in Minecraft PE 1.7 also be fixed several mistakes.

Fixes in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.7

  • Fixed a crash in the game occurred during cleanup the «belowname» slot.
  • Fixed skin texture, unfinished in previous versions.
  • Fixed bug with sound of the Wither.
  • Fixed generation of sea grass in Minecraft.
  • Fixed bug with Iron Golems.
  • Fixed format of text in MCPE 1.7.0
  • Fixed bug with Looting III enchantment.
  • Fixed a bug with ladders in the villages.
  • And other less significant crashes and bugs occurred during the game.

Download Minecraft 1.7 bedrock edition for Android apk — full version

Minecraft Bedrock Edition continue develop internally and externally. All the MCPE gamers are looking forward to new, update and improved versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition for Xbox One, Windows 10 and Android. Each time game becomes more and more exiting and enthralls more and more players. You can spend an interesting time playing Minecraft with your friends and just playing yourself. Playing the beta version and writing your comments you help developers to improve the game.
Download Minecraft 1.7 bedrock edition for Android apk — full version, on our website.
Enjoy the game!
Current version:
Minecraft PE [92.85 Mb] (Downloads: 57926)

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    How do you install this app?
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    Ho mio dio che bella
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