» » Map The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel 1.13
Map The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel 1.13
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Map The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel 1.13

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Map The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel, created by TheDenux, TemporarilyStick, and KristofferAndre is a grand project introducing us to a hotel with an incredible number of floors, quarters and everything a real extravagant hotel has.

Features of map The Ceranese Hotel – Minecraft’s Largest Hotel

The Ceranese Hotel, with its thirty-eight floors, represents the largest hotel ever created in Minecraft. By exploring it you will find:
  • A lobby
  • One hundred and fifty ordinary rooms
  • Twelve penthouse chambers
  • Twelve luxury chambers
  • Fourteen executive chambers
  • Ten long chambers
  • An incredibly large wine cellar
  • A nightclub
  • A five-storied underground parking lot
  • A casino
  • Five fancy restaurants
  • A cinema
  • A library
  • A wellness and spa area
  • A water park
  • A ballroom
  • A landing place for helicopters
  • Fifteen lounges
  • Four bars
  • Several beautiful natural areas
  • A roof garden
  • A tennis court

The entire hotel is equipped with redstone lighting systems and you can get to any level by using one of the six functional elevators.

As you can easily realize by reading the description and by looking at the pictures above, you will need much time to explore this astonishing building, so don’t lose any more time but click on the download button.
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