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Map Safe House 1.13
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Map Safe House 1.13

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There are many beautiful MCPE houses available for you to explore and live in on our website, for example, Map Longfield Modern Mansion or Map Small Luxurious House, but the one we offer you to check today has a very special security system that will protect its owner not only from hostile mobs but also from lava and fire. Read about Map Safe House’s features and see for yourself!

Features of map Safe House

In addition to the fact that this house is very modern and beautiful, it will give you the possibility to feel protected against anyone and anything that might interfere with your peace.
Here is a list of the house’s safety-directed functions:
  • Laser protected front door
  • Contour protection against lava
  • Fire/lava cannot be started on the territory of the house
  • Creeper detection system
  • Oyster mobs cannot enter the house
  • Other players cannot enter without your permission (details below)
  • Explosion protection system
  • Other players are not able to destroy it

In case you feel lonely and want to invite a friend over, use the /tag “player’s name” add OP command in the chat. To cancel your invitation and see the friend out, use the /tag “player’s name” remove OP command.

If you are ready to explore the present house and all its awesome features, download the map by clicking on the button below the article, show it to your friends and leave feedback.
Make sure to have one of the latest game versions installed on your device to enjoy this map, as well as a lot of cool texture packs, mods, and seeds!
Current version:
Download Map Safe House [4.29 Mb] (Downloads: 53)

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