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Map Villager’s Cities Union 1.13
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Map Villager’s Cities Union 1.13

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Map Villager’s Cities Union represents a huge union comprising a big number of unique villages, cities and other settlements connected by a railway.

Features of map Villager’s Cities Union

By downloading this map, you will have the chance to visit and admire the following sites:
  • Downtown

  • Savannahtown

  • Orangewood

  • Birchtown

  • South Savannahtown
  • Tavrida
  • Beachtown
  • Jungle Gates
  • Taigatown
  • Grassy Village
  • Mine Town
  • Desert Town
  • Swamp Village
  • New Port
  • Grassland Town
  • River Village

All of the above-listed settlements have their specific features and attractions and to avoid getting lost, you will see name tags for each of them when visiting.

Use the railway to transfer from one site to another and to monitor the contrast between the poor and the rich, between big and small.

To start your trip to this huge Union, download the map by clicking on the button below the article and note that you will be able to use it only in case you have Minecraft PE 1.12 or a later game version installed on your device.
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