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Map Pokemon Battles! 1.13
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Map Pokemon Battles! 1.13

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Map Pokemon Battles! is a game allowing you to have battles with different pokemons. This time you can only do it by using special commands.

How does map Pokemon Battles! Work

Each player is going to have his/her own pokemons that will have to fight against some custom trainers. You can manage the movements of the pokemons by using commands. Each of them has its own set of powers and custom moves.

For now, the game cannot be played multiple times and multiplayer mode is also not available, but we still guarantee you a great experience in the company of the pokemons!
There are more battle themes in this map and you are welcome to download one specific pack of them (see buttons below the article), but we recommend you to have both in order to enjoy all the game’s features to the max.

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For more MCPE maps, as well as mods, texture packs, and seeds, visit our website! Here you will also find detailed information and downloads for the latest game versions!
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