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Map Dust II Team Deathmatch 1.10
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Map Dust II Team Deathmatch 1.10

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If you ever played Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you will be thrilled by Map Dust II Team Deathmatch since the last was developed as a reconstruction of this game for Minecraft.

How to play at map Dust II Team Deathmatch

The adapted version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was developed to give MCPE users the chance to go through the same experience as in CS. You and your friends will have the opportunity to choose your weapons and to fight until death. A feature that differentiates this map from others of the same kind (for example Map CS Assault) is that eventually, an enormous grenade named Flash Bang will blind all the players on a radius of fifteen blocks from the point it is thrown from.

If you are not afraid to look in the eyes of the death, download Map Dust II Team Deathmatch, invite your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Map Dust II Team Deathmatch [24.39 Mb] (Downloads: 80)

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