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Map Mesa/Badlands Village 1.11
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Map Mesa/Badlands Village 1.11

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Even if it is just a concept, in our opinion, the idea of creating Map Mesa/Badlands Village is awesome, since we all know cities and even countries developing successfully on grounds that are not that fruitful.

Features of map Mesa/Badlands Village

The creator of the map, Gfriend_Yuju28, tells that the idea of placing a village in the mesa came when she realized that someone has built a village in the jungle, so she thought why not? And we are happy she put her idea into action, because the village presented in this map looks beautiful and vibrant, even if it’s still small in size (only nine villagers). The houses and the rest of the environment in the mesa look very nice and different from the custom ones.

Note: Map Mesa/Badlands Village works only on Minecraft Bedrock 1.11 and later versions, so if you use an older version, we recommend you to download a fit one here.
If you have your luggage packed for visiting the described above village, download it by clicking on the button mellow, invite all your Minecraft friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Map Mesa/Badlands Village [39.84 Mb] (Downloads: 28)

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