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Map HighKour Dimension 1.10
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Map HighKour Dimension 1.10

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Map HighKour Dimension is a very cool game containing several parkour themed mini-games. Even if you cannot play at Map HighKour Dimension for more than about ten minutes, you will get a very nice experience, because the map is very well-designed and the challenges are more than entertaining.

How does map HighKour Dimension work

The game is very simple but does not lack details. You will have to do your best in order to win, but you will find some checkpoints to avoid starting all over in case you lose. Another nice feature of the Map HighKour Dimension is that it offers a side view overview. This will help you see the areas you encounter and it can also be used by spectators in case you choose to use the multiplayer mode.

Even if there are a lot of other, more sophisticated parkour maps, we all want to go back to classic sometimes, so give it a try and download Map HighKour Dimension by clicking on the button below this article, invite your friends and let us know about your impressions.
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Download Map HighKour Dimension [217.39 Kb] (Downloads: 51)

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