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Map Subnautica Survival 1.10
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Map Subnautica Survival 1.10

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Have you ever dreamed of having the chance to explore and maybe even go through an adventure under the water? With Map Subnautica Survival you can do this and the provided armor will help you keep your breath under the water for a long time so you can manage to complete all the proposed challenges.

How does map Subnautica Survival work

The map is provided with a behavior pack that modifies your armor so that you can breathe under the water. Depending on your armor types you can spend more or less time underwater, as well as dive at different deepness. The initial, custom armor lets you breathe for twenty-five seconds and explore a depth of up to 160 meters. If you have leather armor, you can go down up to 135 meters. The owners of an iron armor have the chance to go down up to 107 meters. The gold ones allow players to dive up to 72 meters and the diamond armor allow diving up to 35 meters.
For obtaining any of the above-mentioned armor you will have to explore the underwater depths. Another method of getting armor is killing certain mobs (relating the gold armor).
Besides just exploring the underwater world, you will have to complete a task: obtain the eyes of the Ender Dragon in order to get to the End and murder the Ender Dragon.

If you want to check your survival abilities under the water, download Map Subnautica Survival by clicking on the button below, share with your friends and feel free to leave feedback.
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