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Map Mushroom Village 1.11
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Map Mushroom Village 1.11

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Even if Map Mushroom Village is just a concept, it is an awesome place to explore and, in the creator’s opinion, an example for a village to look like if all Minecraft biomes had villages.

Features of map Mushroom Village

The Mushroom Village is not a big one. It only has one large and beautiful mushroom house, seven pretty little houses, and eight professions for the villagers. The village is not fit only for exploring. The village might be subject to a Raid (if the player kills the Pillager Captain) or may even get a Bad Omen (using commands).

Note: Map Mushroom Village can be played only in case you have MCPE 1.11 or later versions of the game installed. You can download the newest versions here.
If you want to admire the presented village and have some fun there, download Map Mushroom Village by clicking on the button below this article, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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Current version:
Download Map Mushroom Village [2.62 Mb] (Downloads: 24)

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