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Map Jumping Around The World 1.10
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Map Jumping Around The World 1.10

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Jumping around seems like a very fun thing to do, but this time you will have to do it for a purpose: to find your lost pet. Map Jumping Around The World promises a very entertaining journey, where you will have the chance to admire the most popular monuments in the world, for example, the Tower Bridge and the Roman Coliseum.

How to play at map Jumping Around The World

This time you will play the role of a girl called Cloe who has a pig pet called Bobby. Everything seems fine until one morning when you realize that Bobby is gone. Like a loving owner of any pet, you would do anything to find it, but don’t despair. On your way to finding the pig, you will pass through the most impressing cities in the world, but you should jump all your way and be as active and agile as possible.

Below you can watch a video trailer in order to get a clearer image of what is happening in Map Jumping Around The World but to experience it fully, download it by clicking on the button below the article, share with your friends and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Map Jumping Around The World

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