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Map Troll Test: Narrator 1.10
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Map Troll Test: Narrator 1.10

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Map Troll Test: Narrator was inspired by the first person exploration game called The Stanley Parable. The idea of the game is that a narrator is commenting in a funny way every step of the player, regardless of his/her in-game decisions.
Map Troll Test: Narrator represents the latest installment from the Minecraft Troll Test game series.

How to play at map Troll Test: Narrator

You will be given a map with a multitude of endings to choose from. Depending on your decisions, the narrator will comment on your steps in a funny way, trying to make you go crazy (this representing the test that the map's name suggests). The map has a lot of details, so there is no chance that you will get bored while playing. The good thing about alternative endings is that you can play at Map Troll Test: Narrator again and again, and each time you will be trolled differently.

If you have a good sense of humor and don’t mind being trolled a little, download Map Troll Test: Narrator by clicking the button below, tell your friends about it and leave feedback.
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