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Map REDEMPTION [Adventure] 1.10
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Map REDEMPTION [Adventure] 1.10

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Map REDEMPTION [Adventure] is designed for the bravest since it contains a lot of risky situations, difficulties and hostile mods that your player will have to think about how to run away from.

How to play at map REDEMPTION [Adventure]

The first thing the player realizes when he/she wakes up is that he/she is located in a log cabin and there are no people around. From this very minute, your adventure begins. You will have to think of various ways to interact with the items around in order to exit different rooms and other locations, to run away from the evil zombies and monsters and to have a happy end.

Important! You are not allowed to use any cheats and to change and the basic game settings, because this is an official version of the map and everything is set as it should be.
We are sure that you are not a coward and are ready to face any creepy situations and characters, so install map REDEMPTION by clicking the button below, invite your friends and share your impressions with us.
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Download Map REDEMPTION Adventure [14.86 Mb] (Downloads: 41)

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