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Map Bouncy Castle Correctional Facilities 1.10
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Map Bouncy Castle Correctional Facilities 1.10

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Map Bouncy Castle Correctional Facilities, which was created by the always ingenious Potato Studios, introduces us to a very unconventional prison. By playing this escape game, you will deal with automatic resetting mines, a route to run away from the prison, a city where you can hide after and possibilities to help your fellows follow you in this risky trip.

How to play at map Bouncy Castle Correctional Facilities

First of all, you need to find friends ready to join you in this crazy adventure. Further, if you are playing a prisoner, you will have to think of ways to get rid of the dreadful prison and help your comrades too. If you are creative enough, you will succeed and make it to a town outside the correctional facilities. To make it easier for you to escape, the map provides special instructions for prisoners who do not want to spend their time in the correctional facilities. .
Supposing you are playing the role of a guardian, which are also called Operators, you will have to do everything possible to maintain peace and order in the prison, that is making sure that the prisoners carry out their chores, behave. And most importantly, do not try to get away. In case any of them misbehaves, you have the power to place him in a special prison wing, destined for those who do not respect the order. If you have been not very attentive and a prisoner succeeded to escape, you have to chase him or go to the town, find him and bring him back.

Note: While playing, you might have the feeling that your hand moves not as fast as usual. Do not be confused by this fact. It moves at a normal pace but this feeling is due to the mining fatigue which follows to prevent people from destroying this map.
If you are in for this crazy adventure, hurry to install the map by clicking on the button below, call your friends and share your impressions with us.
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