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Map PAG Disappearing Gravel 1.10
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Map PAG Disappearing Gravel 1.10

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The first things you have to know about Map PAG Disappearing Gravel are that you will not be able to play it alone. The game requires a minimum of two players. And you will also need to download a texture pack for this mini-game. After this is done, we guarantee you an amazing game experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

How to play at map PAG Disappearing Gravel

The idea of the game is that you and your friends have to run as fast as possible. In case you slow down, the gravel beneath your feet will disappear and you will fall and die. The game has five available speed levels which are:
  • Very slow
  • Slow
  • Normal
  • Fast
  • Very fast

Your aim is to run as fast and long as you can to avoid the gravel disappearing right beneath your feet.
To play Map PAG Disappearing Gravel, download it by clicking on the button below, invite one or more friends to play and have fun. Remember that your feedback is very important for us.
For other new and interesting maps to play alone or with other players, check the maps section on our website. By continuing to explore, you will also find a lot of new mods, texture packs, and seeds.
Besides this, you will also have the chance to find out more and download the latest Minecraft PE versions.
Current version:
Download Map PAG Disappearing Gravel [200.89 Kb] (Downloads: 36)

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