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Map Hardcore ChickenBlock 1.10
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Map Hardcore ChickenBlock 1.10

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Did it ever cross your mind that you could become a chicken breeder and administrate a bird farm? Map Hardcore ChickenBlock will let you try on these skills.
Do not let the facts that this is a void world and chicken are cute little birds, easy to breed mislead you. The process you will go through is much more complex than you expect.

How does map Hardcore ChickenBlock work

First of all, you will spawn inside of a glass egg. You will have nothing besides a couple of items and a few ordinary chickens (a dirt chicken and a skeleton chicken). Further, you will have to enable your imagination and knowledge in order to develop this business. If you work hard, your effort will be rewarded, because there is much to achieve in this map. The Hardcore ChickenBlock has to offer a lot of advantages, like the fact that the chicken you are going to breed will not only drop feathers and lay eggs, but will also offer you a multitude of resources that will help you progress. There is also a chicken boss, which is very tough. To make your work easier, you can obtain useful for your activity machines in a trader shop. You will have the opportunity to breed and collect more than 55 chicken.
If you are not sure that you can make it without some recommendations and tips, there is a guide book regarding MCPE chicken breeding.
Note: You should let all the settings as they are, or activate the experimental gameplay if it is not activated for whatever reason.
If you are adventurous enough to try your abilities in such an activity, which we guarantee will be fun and challenging, do not hesitate to download this map, leave feedback and share with your friends. For other interesting maps, as well as mods, textures, seeds and much more, visit our website.
Also, do not miss the newest versions of the game: Minecraft 1.10, Minecraft 1.11.0 and Minecraft

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